How to Save YouTube Videos to Google Drive

YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing networks. Millions of users across the world use YouTube to watch videos, songs, movies whatnot everything that falls under the watchable stuff. It is quite easy to use YouTube to watch videos and to download them.

It is a free website to use and users can download unlimited movies, TV shows, video songs etc using YouTube. YouTube also allows the user to upload the songs into it. Though there are many other video sharing networks, YouTube stood first in the list with its ultimate features.

YouTube Videos to Google Drive
It is quite easy to save videos onto cloud storages. A simple process will do. The only thing the user needs to know is that he won’t get the original video file which was uploaded on YouTube, unless he is storing every single video file that was uploaded.

It is not possible in all cases. There are few users who upload videos on clouds and then upload them to video sharing networks. This is always the best way to maint…