4 Signs Your Workplace Is Unhealthy

Work anxietyTaking good care of your employees starts with the customs that prevail in the workplace. Australian workers state that they show more respect to employers that are concerned about their health particularly, mental health. A 2013 research by The Australian Institute, sponsored by beyondblue, disclosed that four indicators are present, which illustrate a mentally unfit workplace. If this reminds you of your work environment, long-term change is necessary but consider these tips for fast anxiety relief. These indicators are as follows:

1. Employees take their lunch at their work stations
The Australia Institute research exposed that 3.8 million Australians normally are not given a lunch off, and majority said that they are ever too busy. Almost ¾ take their lunch at their workstations or else postpone their break for lunch till later in the day. It is important to take lunch breaks since they are beneficial for mental as well as physical health and makes employees to return to work rejuvenated and avoid work anxiety.

2. Workers are on duty, 24/7
One out of four employees confirmed that they read emails and answer to work calls even when not in work hours. In the research, approximately one out of every five employees that were interviewed- alike to almost 2.3 million Australian employees- stated that the effect this routine had in their lives was brutal. This kind of a pattern affects workers socially, emotionally and also physically.

3. Your workers do not take vacation leave
One out of two Australian employees did not take their complete yearly leave entitled to them in 2012, accumulating to the equal of 128 million days of annual leave. Study indicates that the staff stockpiles their yearly leave due to workload management- concern that there might be an accumulation of work prior to and after having their holiday leave which might lead to work anxiety.
The advantage of going for a holiday leave is that it averts work anxiety as well as poor health, and also assists in maintaining job security and satisfaction.

4. Workers do not have anyone in supervision with whom they’re comfortable talking about workplace as well as mental health problems.
Almost half of workers surveyed feel that their supervisors do not have the required or enough skills to talk with them concerning sensitive workplace problems, whilst one on every two Australians isn’t comfortable talking about mental conditions with their bosses. A custom of openness, as well as managers indicating that they got some interest in the well being of the employees by regular meetings plus feedback, is able to provide a greater positive atmosphere and make employees more at ease discussing these problems with their bosses.

Benefits of Following the Leptin Diet

In this world we live in, it can be very difficult to find or follow a good diet. This is why it is very important to make sure that you are trying hard to look outside of the box and live a healthy lifestyle. The President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition reports that since 1970, the number of fast food restaurants has nearly doubled. This makes it much easier to eat unhealthy foods for a cheap price, but this is something that should not be done on a regular basis. The Calorie Control Center reports that nearly 54 percent of adult Americans are on a diet, but most of these diets are proving to be ineffective in the long run.

Leptin Diet Benefits The Leptin Diet is a popular new diet that has been helping many individuals throughout the world when it comes to effective dieting. There are many Leptin Diet benefits that are great for those who choose to use the Leptin Diet. Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist, states that Leptin is very important in your body. Leptin is a hormone that tells your brain when you are full. Many who overeat are training their brain to not react to their Leptin. This can be a serious problem for those who are looking to loose weight.

Since the creation of the original Leptin Diet, John Barban created online program consisting of a diet plan, workout program, and online support community called the Venus Factor. Check out Mary Miles’ Venus Factor review.  Please note that the venus factor is a program customized for women. If you are a male looking for similar weight loss success along with additional strength and toning, read about the Adonis Golden Ratio program.

When it comes to the Leptin diet, there are 5 rules to remember.

  • Never eat after dinner
  • Eat three meals a day
  • Do not eat large meals
  • Eat a high protein breakfast
  • Reduce the amount of carbs eaten

Following these 5 rules will help you to enjoy all of the Leptin diet benefits in your life. Following these rules strictly will give you a great change to feel all of the Leptin diet benefits.

1. Never eat after dinner

Eating after dinner is a great way to gain weight. Your metabolism slows down later on in the day, and this is a great way to not have a diet work.

2. Eat three meals a day

If you are skipping meals, you will be hungrier when you finally have a meal. Don’t do this to yourself. Make sure you are eating 3 meals daily.

3. Do not eat large meals

You are going to have to train yourself to eat smaller meals and feel full with smaller meals.

4. Eat a high protein breakfast

A high protein breakfast will keep you fueled throughout your day.

5. Reduce the amount of carbs eaten

Reducing carbs in your diet will really help you to loose the weight that you want to loose.

Is Leptin Resistance Keeping You Fat?

According to the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, the fundamental role of leptin seems to be the regulation of appetite, yet for those who experience leptin resistance, fat and obesity remains an on-going challenge.

What is Leptin?

leptin resistanceLeptin is a polypeptide hormone, consisting of 146 amino acids, and produced by adipocytes (fat cells). The more fat containing adipocytes, the more leptin is secreted. Moreover, leptin is a controller and a regulator of your metabolism and hunger.

Yet, for many people, fat cells cannot communicate properly with the hypothalamus because it lacks leptin; this is leptin resistance, and the brain cannot determine when the body fat level is adequate. Despite the excessive amount of fat, the brain perceives a state of starvation and orders the body to store more fat. You also feel hungry and continue eating all the time. To maximize the Leptin Diet benefits, you need to correctly manipulate how leptin works in your body.

How Leptin Works

If you eat a balanced diet to maintain a normal body weight:

1. As you eat more, fat cells are filled with triglycerides, increasing leptin release in the bloodstream.

2. The hypothalamus has an intricate system of communication with the fat cells that contain receptors for leptin. Leptin binds to receptors in the hypothalamus, sending the message that your “tank is full.”

3. The hypothalamus then sends signals to the brain and throughout the body, decreasing appetite and increasing the metabolic rate.

But if you eat below your normal maintenance level for days or weeks;

1. Your fat cells shrink with diet, and little food, so that your body secretes leptin.

2. Your brain perceives that leptin levels are low, and you no longer have that “full tank.” You stop losing weight.

3. The hypothalamus receives a message about this decline, reducing your metabolic rate and energy expenditure. Your brain also sends a “sign of hunger,” increasing your appetite and encouraging you to eat.

Leptin is known in the medical field as an anti-obesity hormone. It’s not just confined to the hypothalamus, but these receptors exist throughout the body. This allows the hormone to coordinate your appetite accurately and effectively, and regulate the metabolism and energy expenditure. Unfortunately, many people that are overweight have defective metabolic systems, and have difficulty controlling their eating habits.

Combating Leptin Resistance and Controlling Body Weight

When you start a diet in a leptin resistant state, you lose some weight at first, but quickly the body adopts survival mode; you eat less and less, you feel worse, and still cannot lose more weight. This is because of your leptin levels.

Anyone can quickly regulate leptin resistance with supplements. Dr. Jeffrey S. Flier, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Harvard University, Endocrinologist and an authority on obesity found that “within 24 hours of receiving leptin, the individual treated was eating a normal amount of food and remarkable weight loss followed.”

For those who have tried and failed to lose weight through diet and exercise, the answer to this dilemma is simply combating leptin resistance.